Take Advantage of Google AdWords to Boost Membership Acquisition

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Membership associations may not be familiar with the wide range of digital marketing and advertising opportunities available to them. Many associations are used to traditional advertising means, such as print adverts and direct mail, but it’s vital that you embrace all the platforms available to you to ensure you give your message the strongest chance of being heard by the right people.

One of the most common forms of digital advertising is Google AdWords. Google has reigned supreme as the leader of the search engines for some time now, and will no doubt keep this crown for many years to come.

Advertising on the Google search results is a fantastic way of targeting specific users based on what they’re searching for. Unlike other forms of digital advertising, such as display ads, Google AdWords are effective because your advert only shows if someone is proacatively looking for what you’re offering. There’s no slinging the mud at the wall and hoping it’ll stick here! Adverts are only shown to the searcher if they’re relevant. Which means you’re targeting people at the point of research or purchase.

Google AdWords can be quite daunting to the inexperienced, but there’s a wealth of information and guides out there that can guide you through the process.

Below is a diagram to explain at a high level how you create your AdWord campaigns. At the top you have one main campaign – this has all the information relating to daily budget and targeting (i.e do you want to target a geographical area? Do you want to include mobile searches?).

Within your campaign you’ll have a number of targeted AdGroups. Each AdGroup should be as tightly focused around one core theme as possible. Within that AdGroup you’ll have all the keywords that relate to that AdGroup, and then one or more adverts that have been created with this focus in mind – ideally going to a dedicated page on your website that matches this focus (and matches the messaging in your advert).

So that, in a nutshell is it! You dictate the maximum you’d like to pay for each keyword. It’s important to remember that you only actually pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Google also rewards advertisers (with higher positions and lower click costs) who have neatly organised, focused campaigns. So it’s vital that you make sure all your AdGroups are tightly focused – even if that means you only have one or two keywords in an AdGroup.

Google AdWords is one of the most comprehensive advertising mediums available – it doesn’t matter what size organisation you have, you can have an effective campaign. The stats available to advertisers are immense and these can be used to improve and enhance your campaigns, so you’re constantly getting a return on investment.

For membership organisations, Google AdWords allows you to target users for specific keywords right at the point where they’re looking for information or services you can provide. If you’re focused on training and development, you can bid on keywords surrounding those areas. If you run events, then you can bid for keywords that people use to search for events of your type.

By targeting potential members at the right time in their research stage you can start to build a relationship with prospects that you may not have been able to capture otherwise. If you’ve got an integrated membership solution you can also use the information from your Google AdWords and the visits on your website to track individual members and the relationship they have with you from day one.