A dynamic report in many ways

DateNovember 2023

First of all, a virtual ‘thumbs up’ to the MemberWise team for producing yet another comprehensive report on our sector following the launch of Digital Excellence 23/24.

Developing a detailed 34-page commentary is one thing. Creating one packed full of valuable data and insights is another thing entirely.

However, as a membership services business that’s been largely built on Microsoft Dynamics, there was one thing that particularly stood out.

1 in 3 (well, almost)

With a sector average market share of 28 per cent, almost one in three membership organisations use Microsoft Dynamics. That’s hugely significant.

At 12 per cent, Salesforce, which has the second largest market share, is still a long way behind.

Now, we know that membership organisations that have traditionally been reliant on bespoke membership CRM systems are turning away from this approach in favour of industry standard platforms. Not just because the report states this, but from our conversations with existing and prospective customers.

Yet, with a 16 per cent lead, Microsoft Dynamics hasn’t just nudged into pole position. It’s a clear and resounding winner.

But why?

A winning formula

Membership CRM systems built on Microsoft Dynamics can help membership organisations do five core things very well. These are:

  1. Make smarter decisions

Through an abundance of data-driven insights, all of which are easily accessible, membership organisations can make informed, long-term and strategic decisions – with confidence. And Microsoft isn’t just harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) – it’s pioneering it. From instantaneously collating big data from multiple sources to helping membership organisations boost productivity, AI has now become a standard tool in the Microsoft Dynamics toolkit.

  1. Operate more efficiently

If maintaining and growing your membership is your priority, then second in line is probably managing that – and everything else – as efficiently as possible. With Microsoft Dynamics’s ability to automate and optimise everything that all membership organisations need to do daily, membership and organisational management couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Get more personal

The ability of Microsoft Dynamics to provide a framework on which membership organisations can build targeted and individual communications campaigns is renowned. And, in a world where tailored communications have never been so important (after all, the more tailored your communications are, the more engaged your audience is likely to be) Microsoft Dynamics is head and shoulders above its competitors.

  1. Combine your apps

Through Copilot, one of the latest additions to Microsoft 365, users benefit from a virtual assistant that’s been launched to take the legwork out of daily tasks. From adding content to documents, summarising copy, or even rewriting entire sections, Copilot can help membership organisations get much more output for a lot less input. And, as it works across ALL apps that live within the Microsoft 365 environment, there isn’t anything that Copilot can’t help you with.

  1. Futureproof your organisation

If you’ve ever found yourself in desperate need of upgrading a bespoke membership CRM system, then you’ll know that it’s time consuming, costly, and generally quite stressful. However, Microsoft Dynamics evolves in line with Microsoft’s advancements – and Microsoft never sits still when it comes to innovating. As a result, your membership platform will continually evolve to meet the requirements of today – and those of tomorrow.

The proof is in the pudding

Yes, we are biased. But we have good reason to be.

With the ability to tap into the very latest functionality and capability without needing coding knowledge, automatic upgrades in line with Microsoft’s decision to evolve its portfolio of applications, and support from the world’s largest software company, why wouldn’t you choose Microsoft Dynamics?

It seems that 28 per cent of the membership world would agree, too.

Looking to get the best from your membership organisation? Then you need the best membership management system. 

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