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Member lifecycles

Staying on top of your members’ needs, wherever they are in their life or career, has never been easier. Through Silverbear 365’s dynamic platform, organisations can manage every stage of their members’ lifecycle. From creating and processing new applications via the self-service portal, marketing to new members and tracking their progress, through to renewals and upgrades, Silverbear provides an end-to-end membership solution for every stage of the member journey.

Member insight

Knowledge is power - and it can often be the difference between retaining and losing a member. Silverbear 365 helps organisations make better decisions, build better relationships, and create meaningful content using data-driven insights. Keeping existing members is easier than recruiting new ones, so now you can easily do both by delivering a comprehensive 360 degree member view.

Member enquiries

Never miss or fail to respond to a member enquiry again. Ensure that all web, phone, and in person enquiries are recorded, assigned to the right staff member or department for resolution, and effectively tracked. Similarly, empower your members through the self-service portal, where they can manage all aspects of their own membership from updating personal information, interests, and communication preferences to renewing online, paying invoices, and setting up Direct Debits.

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