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Create cases from anywhere

Silverbear lets organisations better serve their members and manage workloads by providing a wide range of case management options. Use Silverbear 365 to move issues from creation to resolution. Members can raise cases online, by email, or over the phone and monitor their progress at every stage. Digital chatbots will help members find automated answers to their common questions and queries.

Manage cases of any complexity

Silverbear 365 supports the entire case lifecycle. Keep data and documents secure, support complex issues, and ensure sensitive information is only visible to the right people. Detailed tracking of case sources and results enable your team to measure outcomes, SLAs, and improve performance.

Automate your response

Silverbear 365 is built on the Dynamics 365 platform, meaning our customers have access to the latest and greatest tools for case managers. Use artificial intelligence to automate responses, support your team to detect emerging topics, and proactively deliver better member support.

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