Why artificial intelligence presents genuine opportunities for membership organisations

DateJune 2023

It seems as though you can’t look at a screen, listen to the radio, or read anything these days without the words artificial intelligence (AI) appearing in the conversation at some point.

ChatGPT, for example, recently generated worldwide attention for its ability to potentially transform the jobs market in a very short space of time.

Whether it’s specific products such as ChatGPT or general references to the relationship between technology and day-to-day living, one thing’s for certain: AI is here to stay.

Although, we’re no strangers to AI.

In fact, one of the AI-based digital membership management services we began developing over five years ago was our renewal predictor, which helped membership organisations predict whether or not a member was going to leave so that they could then take pre-emptive action.

But that was in 2018, and the technology has developed exponentially since then. So, what’s new and how can we expect to see it impact the membership management space?

  1. Low code, no code AI

We’ve been fans of low code, no code technologies for some time, now. After all, through Dynamics 365’s low code, no code functionality we’ve been able to build a membership management system that empowers our customers by enabling them to build what they need quickly and without coding experience.

The ascendance of AI simply provides the foundation for a second generation of low code, no code technology, which should enable our customers to realise their vision much more quickly and efficiently. In days gone by, development costs and the time required to deliver it were, more often than not, eye-watering. Now, the agility afforded by this approach means that the time between the initial concept and implementation is minimal – as is the cost.

  1. ChatGPT integration

Well, we couldn’t explore AI and membership without covering what is currently dominating the AI headlines – ChatGPT. Chatbots have now been used as a customer service tool for many years now. And if you remember the point at which they were first used, you might also remember that they were a bit clunky and inaccurate.

The (almost) seamless nature of ChatGPT, however, means that chatbots are becoming much more capable. Membership organisations that embrace this technology, which is continually improving, will be able to use it to boost engagement levels and quickly spot trends amongst their members.

  1. Artificial intelligence and membership events

In our experience, the most important tool for a membership organisation is its membership management system, as it’s this digital infrastructure that provides the perfect platform for generating engagement (not to mention subscription revenue!). However, second to this has to be events. Not only do they provide the chance for membership organisations to meet their members up close and personal, but they, too, often generate revenue. Using AI to analyse attendees’ data, membership organisations will now be able to suggest relevant sessions, speakers, and networking opportunities, all of which add additional value to members.

Of course, it’s right that we point out that whilst there is a lot of excitement around AI, there is also a degree of concern, too. Questions have been raised around the role of ethics in AI. After all, AI-based decisions can be prone to inaccuracies and, in some cases, discriminatory outcomes.

The good news, however, is that Microsoft employs 350 people to ensure that its AI output is built around best practices that focus on the creation of safe, secure, and transparent AI systems.

Not only is this great for the membership sector, but also great for society, too.

Interested in exploring how AI can help add value to your organisation and your membership? Contact our team of membership management system experts at 01483 409409 or email hello@silverbear.com.

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