Launch of Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report (2024)

DateSeptember 2023

It's nearly that time of the year again when the membership community comes together for Membership Excellence.  This year the conference will focus attention on driving membership growth via optimised member retention, recruitment, value provision, and engagement enhancement. 

ClearCourse is delighted to sponsor MemberWise's popular Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report, which will also be launched at the conference by Author and Price Bailey LLP Partner, Helena Wilkinson in a dedicated session:

  • How the Largest Membership Bodies in the UK are performing against an Accelerating Measurable Growth objective

In this Official Financial Benchmarking Report (2024) Launch session Helena will introduce the report, provide an overview of the largest and most influential membership bodies in the UK, and explore the similarities between/amongst sub-sectors that are achieving accelerated membership growth and those that are not.

Helena will also share some considerations/musings as to why, and provide a commentary on financial/operational trends emerging during challenging times.  She will also consider potential approaches to ensure a robust, strategic, and structured way forward.

Helena Wilkinson commented:

“The financial analysis this year will start to capture the effects on membership organisations emerging from the pandemic and look at the effects on their membership growth strategies. Inflation, cost of living crisis, and climate change have taken over as the next challenge facing these bodies, and insights into finances and trends remain crucial.”

MemberWise Network Founder, Richard Gott, responded:

“We’re proud to partner with Price Bailey LLP for the fourth consecutive year to deliver the sector’s most high profile annual financial benchmarking report. By understanding what the largest 100 membership bodies are doing in response to the current challenging business environment we can establish trends and respond to critical strategy and operational challenges in a more robust and informed manner. Thanks to the kind sponsorship of ClearCourse we can make the report available free to the entire Membership & Association Sector”.

You can explore Helena’s session, view the programme, meet speakers, establish educational learning outcomes, explore the trade exhibition, and book your places(s) online today. You can also see the current Influence 100 Benchmarking Report (2023) launch (on-demand) here.


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