One Year On From CFMD

Silverbear Membership Solution |

It was almost a year ago when we announced our Silverbear Membership solution had become Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD). At the time, Silverbear were the only membership management solution provider in the UK to have achieved this accreditation. 12 months on, this achievement still remains!

The fact that we are the sole CFMD membership management provider in the UK demonstrates the quality integral to achieving such status.

By continuing to work in accordance with Microsoft Dynamics on rollups, releases and product compatibility, we have been able to provide our customers with proven value over the last 12 months.

CFMD accredited means, importantly, that Silverbear can’t dictate the pace of solution compatibility. Why is this good for customers? Well, unlike other Microsoft Dynamics CRM configured products, the Silverbear Membership solution is contractually committed to being updated within three months every time Microsoft release an update. This compatibility commitment provides all of our customers the reassurance, comfort and the agility they need to comply with current technical standards of their business

For the 20+ new professional membership bodies, trade associations, charities and art & heritage membership organisations to come on board with Silverbear over the last 12 months (and not forgetting those that were already working with us prior to our CFMD award), first and foremost, Thank You!

We continue to develop the Silverbear Membership solution; and provide regular Roadmap updates to Microsoft in the UK and US.

Our most recent updates include;

At Silverbear, we will continue to use this forum, as well as social media (remember you can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn), to make you aware of the continuing development of our CFMD accredited Silverbear Membership solution, and the benefits it brings to our ever growing customer base.