Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing

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If you’re one of those membership marketers that uses about 15 different tools to manage your marketing campaigns, then you’ll be interested to hear about the new Microsoft Dynamic CRM Marketing tool which will soon be integrated into the Silverbear Membership solution.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is a new set of tools which can come as part of your Dynamics CRM installation. In the same way that Silverbear have taken Dynamics CRM overall and vastly amended it to fit the needs of membership organisations, the new marketing tool will also help membership marketers specifically.

The new set of tools focuses on automating key parts of a digital marketing campaign. These areas include:

  • Email marketing and landing pages
  • Campaign nurturing and behavioural tracking
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Marketing resource and asset management
  • Marketing analytics

We’ve taken the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketing and tailored it for our membership customers, making our product the refined and capable solution that all membership organisations should be opting for.

Being Certified for Microsoft Dynamics means Silverbear Membership uses the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM within three months. That means that you’ll soon have the option to take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing as well.

We know that many membership organisations might not have the resources available to employ a full-time digital marketing manager. But, with the Silverbear solution using the best of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, you’ll be able to present that competent, customer centric appearance that your members demand.