Details of Silverbear’s Bi-Annual Customer Forum Released

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Silverbear are pleased to release the details of our forthcoming Customer Forum. We’re thrilled to be able to host this event at one of our current customer sites – Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew– on October 29th.

The focus of this meeting will be to discuss with our customers, Silverbear’s business vision for the future.. Leading the day will be Silverbear Managing Director, Mark Travis, who will be on hand with others from the Silverbear team to talk to customers about their organisational objectives and discuss future enhancements in Silverbear Membership to meet and exceed these objectives.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Mark Travis said:

“This forum provides us the opportunity to talk to our customers frankly. We’re looking forward to sharing our ideas for the future, as well as receiving direct feedback on how our customers feel and what they’d like to see from Silverbear in the coming year. We’d also like to thank Kew for letting us use their facilities, and look forward to having a look around their beautiful gardens at some point during the day.”

Due to the location of the event, only 30 attendees can be accommodated. However, since this is a bi-annual event, any customers not able to attend will be given first refusal on the next event March 2015.

Afternoon Event – PARN Communications Special Interest Group Briefing

In the afternoon of the 29th, Silverbear will be hosting the second PARN Special Interest Group for Communications meeting, also at Kew.

This meeting focuses on digital communications, and how membership organisations can make best use of their website, search engine optimisation and Google Analytics.

If you’re interested in this PARN briefing and wish to register for this event, please email or visit