What does a successful CRM project look like?

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Mark Travis, CEO at Silverbear, provides some useful tips …

Acquiring a CRM solution is one of the biggest investments a membership organisation can make, and choosing your CRM partner is critical to the benefits you will gain. You’re not trying to change one mousetrap for another mousetrap: you’re trying to move the business forward. It is not just about digitisation – it’s about changing business processes and improving them using best practice.

Project your successful outcomes
Map out your aspirations for a CRM project with a clear vision of what you hope to achieve. Ultimately it may be about improving relationships with members, retaining customers and driving sales, but it is essential to define measurable goals that are specific to your organisation. You need to understand what the outcomes are, what those benefits are and how you can start to ensure that what your CRM solution provider delivers, achieves those benefits. Then you can start to track them going forward. Putting those measures in place helps an organisation drive the projects and the outcomes to the right level.

Present a compelling case to the board
Provide evidence to your board that the investment is achieving what it is supposed to do. You need to demonstrate a virtual cycle in the whole procurement process – so clarify your whole business vision – that clarity needs to be about what you want to achieve as an organisation, not just for your organisation but for your members too. Look at how systems operate now and how they can be refined through the CRM solution: give tangible examples of projected efficiencies in terms of both cost and resources.

What Silverbear asks clients to consider is: if we were writing a case study for the project we are about to deliver, what would it look like? Envision what it should feel like at the end of this journey. What do you want to report back to the board about what you have achieved? Before we look at the technical and procurement aspects, we look at the desired outcomes for our customer.

Find an organisation of a similar size or service output. Ask them about their CRM solution, who provides it, how they mapped their journey, what have they learned? A credible CRM solution provider will be happy to refer you to existing clients to swap notes.

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