Hacking through renewals

Silverbear Membership Solution |

This week a team of Silverbear developers joined forces with other CRM peers and experts from Microsoft to sophisticate our membership renewal process. The three-day hackathon is an intense collaboration which enables multiple technologists to work together on an existing bit of functionality and see how it can be better accomplished using Azure and Azure services.

User feedback is really important to Silverbear which is why, for our first hackathon, our developers have chosen to work on the membership renewals process. Adam Legge, Head of Design and Development explained: “With over £385 million transacting through Silverbear’s membership renewals process, we chose this area to explore first. Our goal is to make it even more efficient and performant for our customers by utilising different things from the Azure stack.”

As well as learning about the many different aspects of the whole Azure suite of tools, the event provides developers with deeper insights into what is possible with future scenarios. This collaborative working with Microsoft helps us achieve more which in turn we pass on as a benefit to our customers.