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Hart Square, a leading independent CRM and Technology Consulting firm, recently completed a large study for the benefit of the non-profit sector.  The topic was, “Why do NFP CRM projects succeed or fail?”

Hart Square had over 200 participants describing their NFP CRM projects. This has enabled them to get some really extraordinary insights into the contributing factors for CRM project success or failure.

Key areas covered in the research include:

  • Business drivers for CRM selection
  • CRM systems selected / used
  • Approach to CRM
  • CRM Project Experiences
  • Resourcing
  • The cost of CRM
  • CRM Project Success or Failure?
  • Using External Resources

Deep Dive Event

Silverbear are proud to be sponsoring two Hart Square events, in which they will present the findings of the research in more detail. The first event took place on 28 July and was a great success.

The second event presents further ‘Deep Dive’ insights into the research data, essentially  ‘drilling down’ into the quantitative and qualitative data to provide revealing and compelling findings for any institution involved in, or planning, a CRM implementation. It will include top level analysis categories such as time, cost, overrun, over-spend, resourcing and planning, complemented by Hart Square’s own unique executive insights.

CRM Projects – why do they succeed or fail? Part 2

  • September 22nd – The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)
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    To learn more about the research study, and to download a free summary, please read our recent news item “New Industry Study & Analysis Events: Why do NFP CRM projects succeed or fail?”