Silverbear Teams Up with Clear Direct Debit

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In order to bring a seamless, fully automated and error free direct debit solution to their membership association clients, Silverbear has entered into partnership with Clear Direct Debit, who will provide the supporting services for processing direct debits. Partnering with Clear Direct Debit allows Silverbear to ensure their membership management solution provides the highest reliability of accurate debiting. 

Silverbear Managing Director, Mark Travis said: “I am very pleased to be partnering with Clear Direct Debit as it will cement our ability to give our clients the highest quality, error free way of processing membership direct debits in the market”.
Every part of the Direct Debit process can now be fully automated, which includes sending the files to BACS straight from the Silverbear Membership solution via the Clear Direct Debit bureau service. Smartcards and separate software are no longer required. Files can be transmitted automatically and error free. The real excellence of this seamless integration is how it also handles all returns. Now when a direct debit fails, for whatever reason, the system can update itself without manual intervention.

There will always be times when direct debit failures are unavoidable, for example; insufficient funds in the account are something that cannot be fixed by any software. However, a high percentage of current common direct debit failures are controllable and can be eliminated. 

When Silverbear added direct debit functionality to their solution they wanted to get it absolutely right. In order to make sure it was 100% correct from the start, Silverbear worked with Clear Direct Debit in order to gain the in-depth knowledge needed to handle every aspect of Direct Debit processing correctly. This has resulted in a solution that keeps a membership organisation within their scheme rules and offers greater flexibility and speed of collections. The software also automates the customer communications and has functionality for paperless debits sign-up built in. 

The development of the partnership and the integration of the Clear Direct Debit System was quite seamless in itself, with the only manual intervention being in terms of manually changing over the Silverbear software to BACS. Until now a membership organisation has still needed to have a separate Bacstel-IP software system or bureau service in place to send files to BACS and to retrieve the Direct Debit reports. The updated Silverbear Membership solution with the Clear Direct Debit system in place is by far the most technically advanced in the industry.

Gavin Lawrence, Managing Director of Clear Direct Debit, said “Silverbear is already the best Direct Debit Management system we have seen in this sector, so we were really happy to partner with them here. The weakest points we see across the membership and association industry in the Direct Debit process are smartcards, a lack of backup software offsite, or the human factor. This joint proposition can take all of that pain away”.