eXtremeCRM 2016 Review

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Neel Patankar, Director of CRM Product Development at Silverbear, recently attended eXtremeCRM 2016. eXtremeCRM is the premier event focused exclusively on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and is dedicated to advancing best practices and strategies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM organisations. Hosted twice a year for the EMEA and US markets, it is a six day event full of deep technical content and sessions led by Microsoft, MVP’s and industry experts.

There were two key messages being conveyed at the conference:

  1. 1. Microsoft has a very clear direction of travel – a ‘road trip’. 
    • This centred around the new online services in the cloud:Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Microsoft Social Engagement, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM), Azure Platform Services, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Portals and Azure Infrastructure Services
  2. The provision of enablement technologies and support. 
    • Such as the training, vehicles and services, which will help Microsoft partners to successfully navigate and travel this road.
Many of the presentations focused on the new CRM 2016 Spring wave highlights, which include features and tools such as:
  • CRM for Outlook Web
  • Re-alignment of On-Premise and On-Line
  • Project Services - capture time, expense and progress data
  • Azure Machine Learning Product recommendations
  • Sandbox Instance Management
  • Interactive Services Hub

For Silverbear customers, these new online cloud services mean a more effective, efficient and streamlined Silverbear Membership Solution. For example, the Sandbox Instances means that in the future Silverbear will be able to improve the UAT process for our customers through an method that follows the new Sandbox Instance Administration process.

Likewise the deployment of Silverbear Membership in the Cloud will come with a host of benefits for our customers:
  • Cost and efficiency gains 
  • A reduction in the complexity of deployment
  • A simplified upgrade process
  • Easy instance management
  • Modularised packages
Attending eXtremeCRM has proven to be an invaluable experience, as Neel stated: “This event has given us at Silverbear a much clearer idea of where Microsoft wants to be in the future. We are delighted that their direction of travel closely mirrors our goals, and that Microsoft are working towards ensuring the tools and support are available for partners wishing to make the most of future technologies. As they said at the event ‘It’s the future…available now!”
For any questions relating to eXtremeCRM or Microsoft’s road map, please get in touch with us – or 01483 409 409.