MEMX2016 Roundup

Silverbear Events |

Silverbear were proud to be a key sponsor of the annual Memberwise conference on April 21st. This annual event brings together key players in the membership community with the aim of sharing their collective knowledge and insights to improve the experience for their members.

Silverbear have been sponsoring this event since 2013 and have seen it go from strength to strength. As always, the event featured speakers from a range of membership organisations, discussing their experiences of how they have managed to improve membership value and growth over the last year.

Mark Travis, Silverbear Director attended the event and had this to say:

"It was fantastic being able to talk to so many different people from the community and find out what issues are affecting their members. We heard from some brilliant speakers over the course of the day, including from some of our key customers; Richard Sheret from The BMA did a great presentation on their membership recruitment strategies and how they've managed to bring in thousands of new members in a relatively short period of time."

One of the popular streams was the new 'Membership Hacks' seminars. These aimed to help organisations improve certain key areas, using simple and straightforward 'hacks'. Topics included: 

  • Member Retention Hacks

  • Member Segmentation Hacks

  • Member Recruitment Hacks

  • Revenue Generator Hacks

  • Member Engagement Hacks

  • Member Publication Hacks

  • Member Value Hacks

  • Membership Development Hacks

Overall we felt the event was a real success. There's a real air of positiveness in the air at the moment, and we felt a lot of associations were really wanting to take advantage of the technology and solutions available to them to help grow and build their organisations.