Managing the Membership Journey

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As a membership organisation, it is essential to identify and model your membership journeys in order to align your membership engagement strategy around the key stages in every membership cycle.

This whitepaper will show you how to identify the journey your members take with your organisation, how to pinpoint where specific members are in their journey, and how to add value to their membership subscription to ensure membership renewals and satisfaction. 

The whitepaper is split into five easy to manage sections:

The Key Stages
5 key stages that the majority of members will go through and how to identify the specific stages relating to your association and/or industry,

Planning the Journey
Understanding how to work out the possible starting points of your membership journey, along with stops along the way and end destination points... and how to manage and cater for members at each stage.

Identifying Where Your Members Are
What information and data do you need in order to accurately identify where specific members are in their journey.

Managing the Journey
How can you track members and their activities, then help them progress through the various stages with ease, whilst providing value at all times.

Ways to Add Value
What are the "touch points" when it comes to member engagement, and how can you add value to members at each of these points? 

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