How To Use Twitter To Communicate With Members

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So now we understand a little more about Twitter (read our past blog post: Should Membership Organisations Use Twitter To Communicate with Their Members?), the real question is how can Twitter be used to communicate with your members effectively?

You need to consider what kind of Twitter account to open, if you are a large membership organisation you should consider opening an account that is dedicated to each membership segment. However if you are a smaller membership organisation then a general corporate account might suit your needs better.

Once the Twitter account(s) has been opened you are able to brand in line with your association, a familiar logo or icon should be used as your profile image and a branded background should be created and ensure your biography is succinct.

Now you need to delegate an individual or a team to monitor and have ownership of the account. Select carefully as it is vital that any communication from or to the account is managed and monitored by someone who understands the medium. Social media can be very effective, however if not managed or monitored correctly it could come under some negative feedback.

Membership organisations run a number of events and Twitter can help you promote a specific membership event, the campaign should begin at the same time as the initial event marketing campaign.


When you first start using Twitter the number of hashtags flying around can seem quite daunting, however, hashtags are used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It was originally created by Twitter users as a way to categorise messages.

You can create a hashtag to match the membership segment, feature or specific event, however a word of advice, you should ensure that this is kept to the minimum number of characters as possible, so as not to take up valuable space in the 140 character tweets. 

Once this has been set up get promoting, let your colleagues, staff, members, prospective members and all other stakeholder know and encourage people who is tweeting to use within their updates. This way both the association and members can monitor what is being said and answer any questions.

Generating a High Quality Network

Add your Twitter username to all relevant marketing communication, including emails, collateral and direct mail. To start raising your profile on Twitter you need to start following relevant Twitter users & engaging with them. Look for;
  • Members
  • Industry leaders
  • Prospect members
  • Suppliers
  • Those in the local community
  • Those from relevant industries
  • Other membership associations

It is key that the account starts to generate a high quality network, so don't look at the number of followers, look at the type of follower.

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