Web Trends and Not-for-Profits

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A number of the current key web trends are particularly relevant to Not-for-Profit organisations. These key trends were part of the keynote Dries Buytaert, the founder and project lead of Drupal (the open source website CMS), gave at the major annual Drupal Conference yesterday

His central message is that digital is at the heart of every business - that all businesses need to:

  • Attract visitors
  • Convert them into customers
  • and analyse in order to optimise

In his talk, Dries Buytaert said that it is important to recognise that a CMS is never used in isolation, it always needs to be seen as part of a combination of tools: SEO, CRM, email, analytics, mobile, social, e-commerce, personalisation and marketing automation. 

So it is important that your website integrates with all of these to give an overall communications and marketing relationship management backbone. 

This is certainly in line with what we are seeing at Silverbear with our customers - that it is essential to see the membership CRM and CMS as the core business systems, integrated with the other tools. In order to do this, SB Membership incorporates CRM and email, integrates closely with marketing automation and social media, and our Portal provides e-commerce, mobile and personalisation.