How Online Self Service Portals Can Make Your Membership Events a Success

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More and more associations who run conferences and events are looking for a way to be that little bit more efficient whilst at the same time getting improved margins cost savings from their activities. 

Improving levels of efficiency and increasing the value of your events are two primary drivers that help distinguish a successful membership association from one that is struggling. So whatever type of events you run, whether it is multiple events weekly, internal corporate meetings, training, member development, incentives or annual conferences it is imperative that your association and event operates at maximum efficiency and giving your members a high quality experience.

Introducing a Member Self-Service Portal

Have you considered giving some of the power back to your members? Allowing members to manage some of their own event experience will help to make them feel more empowered; giving them greater levels of control, ownership and involvement with the event process. One way to do this is to implement and use a membership software solution which includes a self-service portal.
A self-service portal can be used in a variety of ways, but where membership events are concerned, the portal would be used to take registrations online and to give delegates a profile or account so they are able to manage their details and event experiences themselves.
By implementing a self-service portal your members can register online and then manage their own contact information, dietary requirements, event history, course selection, accreditation requirement, purchase of relevant event merchandise and more. 

It will also allow your members to view upcoming events and choose whether this is something they are interested in attending. Most people have a preferred method of communication and an online self-service portal will allow delegates to select their preferred method so they can receive updates on the events that are not only relevant to them but also sent via a method of their choice.

Increased Registration Rates

Since the self-service portal is online, members can access their profile and information 24/7 and from any location, making this extremely convenient to everyone. Giving your members greater flexibility and control over their subscription will encourage them to register for more events, since they’ll have a smoother and less stressful registration experience. Also if your member is able to register via your official event website this gives them a familiar, trusted view, whilst providing them access to their own branded portal.

Improved Event Efficiency

By handing over the reins to the individual member, the membership event manager is freed up to focus on more strategic, cost saving tasks. Many of the communications between the event manager and the member can be removed, saving the association time and allowing them to work on more strategic tasks. 

Associations can also avoid the inevitable bottlenecks associated with event management by introducing a self-service portal. Some members might learn about an event over the weekend and will have to wait until Monday morning before they can call the association to register their interest or attendance. This can lead to sudden peaks in demand on a Monday morning which can be tough to control and manage and this can often lead to mistakes trying to juggle numerous tasks and coping with an unrealistic workload. However if you provide a way for your members to register via the internet this means that the bottlenecks can be avoided.

Enhanced Reporting & Intelligence

A further key benefit of the self-service portal to the membership event managers is that it allows them to access their member information from one central location/platform. Making it that much easier to create reports, download data and create delegate badges and custom event packs.

CRM Integration

The self-service portal can be integrated into your organisation's CRM system, this means that any amendments made by the delegates themselves to their contact information are automatically updated/populated (in real time) into the CRM. This means that your records are always clean, accurate and up to date.

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