New Silverbear White Paper

DateApril 2020

Silverbear has published a new white paper focused on how the Microsoft Datflex Pro and Power Platform can help membership organisations to overcome challenges with membership engagement and data management. 

The publication starts by recognising that advancements in cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have enabled membership-led organisations to develop, manage, and maintain key stakeholder relationships in a much more efficient, strategic and meaningful way. 

However, for all this advancement, there are perennial challenges with member data that contradict the aims and objectives of the majority of CRM platforms currently on the market.  

Despite the frequency with which these issues have been raised, and even though technology is at its most powerful, functional, and capable as we enter a new decade it’s disappointing that these challenges persist. 

CRM platforms designed for data utilisation are providing membership organisations with more opportunities to engage with their membership than ever before. 

The paper explores the Microsoft Dataflex Pro in the context of membership organisations, compares it to traditional methods of database management and highlights some of the imaginative, creative and innovative solutions now open to the sector.







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