​Rising to the top: A spotlight on … Georgie Howard and the customer service team

DateJanuary 2023

It’s a really exciting time for me and the business, particularly as ClearCourse MembershipServices (CCMS) continues to evolve and grow into a fully integrated membership software and payments organisation.

Since being promoted to the role of Operations Director for the eight brands that sit under the CCMS umbrella, one of which is Silverbear, it’s also been a really busy time for me. With around 50 people working within my team, there’s always a huge amount to manage internally and externally. It’s a big role with a great deal of responsibility, but I love it.

However, my role at Silverbear didn’t always carry such a large responsibility. In fact, if I think back to 2012 when I joined Silverbear straight from university, things were very different. Rather than managing a team, back then I was simply part of one. Then, over the subsequent 10 years, I’ve worked my way up to where I am now.

But there’s one thing that I have in common with many other members of my team, many of whom are now in senior roles, and that’s the support team.

A springboard to success

Silverbear’s current customer service line-up is outstanding, and I’m incredibly proud of them.

In terms of those who have been with Silverbear for a long time, there’s Daisy Reilly, our in-house product specialist, who has been with us since 2018, Jack Garland, our second-line support analyst, who joined in June 2021, and Daniel Chapman-Burn, who joined us in March 2022 as a second line support analyst.

We also have several new starters including Jade Fitchett, David Poole and Dan Saxby, who all joined the team in Q3 2022, and Elliot Moore and Elliott Heath, who joined in Q4 2022. This subteam of five people provides first-line support to our customers.

Having been on my own journey within the business – a journey which began in that very team – I know one thing with absolute confidence; that members of this collection of eight people are very likely to be in senior positions in only a matter of years from now. In doing so, they will be making way for the next generation of Silverbear, who, like them, will also join the business in customer service.

Take Neil Owen, for example. He began his Silverbear career in customer services and is now Head of Consultancy. Andy Woods and Tom Booth also began in the same way and both are now consultants. Manisha, who was once a senior member of the support team, is now a Senior Data Migration Manager.

Customer service really is the springboard for success at Silverbear.

The next generation

The point is that within 12 – 18 months of joining Silverbear, many progress into other areas of the business. And ultimately, it’s these people who will be responsible for steering Silverbear through new and uncharted waters in the future.

From Dan Saxby, who has been working tirelessly to fulfil key milestone tasks for Silverbear customers including bulk renewal and data correction, to Jade Fitchett, who continues to have a huge positive impact on the business by providing a sympathetic ear to customers who have been struggling with processes or have difficult support questions, it’s the support team that underpins the business.

Every member of the team is enthusiastic, many are undertaking Microsoft education programmes and everyone is committed to upskilling themselves in some way. Even in the age of hybrid working, the support team insist on coming into the office to effectively collaborate with each other and provide a support network for each other.

This was reflected at this year’s Christmas Awards, during which the support team was named Team of the Year. Similarly, Silverbear picked up the Core Services Partner of the Year EMEA Award at The Dotties 2022. The Support Team’s input undoubtedly contributed to this national achievement.

I’m honoured to work with such a fantastic set of people, proud to be part of the Silverbear family and excited about what the future holds for the business as it continues to grow.

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