Silverbear half yearly update from the CEO's desk

DateJuly 2021

Welcome to the Summer and we hope it is a good sunny break for all of our customers and the Silverbear teams!

Within my earlier news update from January of this year I talked through the operational improvements the Silverbear business has made in its most recent years and I gave mention to the continuous transformation programme headlines for 2021.

This month (July 2021) we will go-live with the long-awaited integration of our development platform and customer testing system (I will not name brands here, but most customers will know what we use) and I’m excited by the level of automation this will bring to the Silverbear teams and all of our customers who are progressing through a new platform implementation or migration to Silverbear 365.

Later this year we will also conclude the implementation of our new single platform for project resource management, customer collaboration, and project accounting and by the time I write again in January 2022, we will be purring along nicely with our internal practices and procedures tuned to such an extent we can focus an ever-increasing amount of our experts’ time on our customers and their objectives.

To underpin this initiative (to focus an ever-increasing amount of our experts’ time on our customers), in the first six months of 2021 we have completed the migration of a further 10% of our long-standing customers to Silverbear 365 (and here’s some sensible reasons why you should do that) and we have agreed and commenced projects with a further 20% of our customers to conclude before the end of this year. All in all, by the end of 2021 more than half of our customers will have migrated to the latest version of Silverbear 365, and by virtue of that they will be operating within the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy for Dynamics 365, offering ‘products with continuous support and servicing’. This really begins to unlock the potential for our customers to be in control of their own destiny when it comes to configuration changes & enhancements, data intelligence & reporting, business process automation, and app integrations, and in turn, this drives the number one strategic imperative for Silverbear; to become the ‘customer enablement partner’ of choice in 2022 and beyond and to spend more time working alongside our existing customers to enable business change and to digitise services for member value.

The Silverbear business continues to operate well in current times and we will see double-digit growth in all areas this year. A testament to our high-quality platform, high-quality staff, and high-quality customers!

And in our quest to become your customer enablement partner of choice, please do take a few minutes to read our recent ‘A project sponsors guide to digital transformation’ A guide written by us, based on our experiences with you, for you.



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