New partnership provides CPD at your fingertips

DateMarch 2018

Silverbear is proud to announce a new partnership with Metacapability which will enhance members’ continuing professional development (CPD).

Qualifying and getting certified is about to become a lot easier using Metacapability’s bite-sized learning platform which integrates seamlessly into the Silverbear Membership solution.

Silverbear is teaming up with Metacapability to make it easier for members to self-certify and boost their CPD, using accessible learning modules available on any device including a smartphone. This collaboration adds a new valuable dimension to member engagement.

What ‘good’ looks like
Many membership organisations have a competency or professional framework which determines what an individual needs to achieve to be good in their roles – whether that is a certain standard, qualification, or CPD route. However, it is static, often contained in a PDF, and is hard to use for easy development. They also have a sizeable volume of content in various formats such as videos, documents, and website links – all of which require time for the member to research and access. The inertia to learning is considerable.

Metacapability takes an organisation’s required competency framework and associated content and reorders it into an easy-to-use platform for members to learn and develop. It adds immense value to the member, who is incentivised by the readily available resources, presented in bite-sized learning modules according to their needs. Members can then take binary tests which are objectively assessed.

Driving forward your digital strategy 
Russell Ward, Meta Director at Metacapability said: “For organisations, this is at the forefront of defining their digital strategy as it starts with their members’ journey and their online experience. It enables and drives CPD and standards adding huge value to the membership experience helping to engage, attract and retain them.” 

Qualify on the go
From a user’s perspective, the straightforward interfaces and simplicity of using the platform, fuelled by a plethora of learning resources, provide a more streamlined and innovative way of learning. The educational modules are presented in short, digestible units, which once completed, lead to a test. Results are immediate: you either pass or fail as the assessment criteria is objective.

The Platform has an in-built online booking system that enables your experts to be booked with a member to enable certification of their capability.

If you pass, then you can download a digital badge which can be added to your professional portfolio or LinkedIn profile. Assessment is binary – results are a simple pass or fail, with the opportunity to retake tests after being directed to targeted learning resources. This ensures that when certificates are issued, members have authentically met an organisation’s competency criteria.

The platform is structured as bite-sized learning modules – for example watching a three or four-minute video or reading a short PDF – and translates perfectly to mobile apps – making it possible to complete a module even when commuting. It drives people to concise, relevant pieces of information helping them learn on the go.

Metacapability is informed by research (Bersin: Learning Technology Predictions for 2016 – Deloitte) and considers the contemporary challenges people face of being time-strapped, resulting in short attention spans. It addresses two key requirements that millennials seek: the opportunity to continually learn and develop, and the capacity to access instant feedback.

Carl Grieves, Managing Director of Silverbear said: “The Metacapability platform adds an extra dimension to the Silverbear portfolio. We are excited about the meaningful engagement opportunity it presents to our customers by delivering credible CPD opportunities to its membership.”

Outcomes from the webinar: 

  • You will learn how to take your professional framework and make it come alive and interactive.
  • You will see how to make CPD addictive and engaging.
  • You will see how to create new revenue streams for your organisation.
  • You will see how to attract and engage millennials to your organisation.
  • You will learn how to go about creating a digital strategy that attracts new members.






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