Driving 21st century member requirements

DateFebruary 2018

Silverbear is the only UK-based Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CFMD) partner to deliver CRM services to the association sector and as one of the leading providers within the sector, we take the professional development of our clients seriously. We outline how we meet this firm commitment.

We regularly partner with a range of leading sector stakeholder organisations including the MemberWise Network, PARN and MemNet.

In this article we focus on our partnership with the MemberWise Network – the leading free-to-join professional network for over 5,000 senior membership and association professionals.

CRM-focused procurement and selection learning
Over the past year Silverbear has partnered with the network to deliver a series of free educational CRM Select Seminars in Central London. Over 160 association/membership professionals have attended and further seminars will take place in 2018.

Membership best practice dissemination
Silverbear has been an Official Partner of the network’s two annual network conferences (Membership Excellence and Digital Excellence) for over half a decade. Each year 800 association/membership professionals are inspired and enthused via practitioner-based thought leadership-focused content. We contribute directly towards subsidising ticket pricing and increase the profile of our clients who wish to present.

Silverbear Managing Director, Carl Grieves commented: “We’re working closely with the MemberWise Network to drive the professionalisation of the association sector. We work on the premise that if our clients have enhanced knowledge or insight, they are in a much stronger position to deliver and champion membership excellence for 21st century member requirements.” 

Hear more from Carl in this MemberWise Insight video interview.

Working in partnership with MemberWise (Silverbear) from MemberWise Network on Vimeo.

Network Chair, Richard Gott, responded: “It’s thanks to the support of organisations like Silverbear that we can deliver help and support on a national scale with many of our educational services available completely free of charge. We are proud to work in partnership with Silverbear and we look forward to contributing to the professionalisation of the association sector.”

Over the next year we will work with MemberWise to deliver two national conferences, three software selection seminars and the highly anticipated Member Value 2025 project that will provide associations with a structured approach to enhancing member value. 

Case study
Jon Smith, Head of Digital at the YHA (England and Wales) presented an amazing keynote presentation and interview on how they are working to drive membership sustainability and growth.

Watch out for Chemical Industries Association CEO, Stephen Elliott, who will keynote at Membership Excellence 2018 (delivered in partnership with Silverbear) in London on 25 April.

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