The MemConnect App

DateJanuary 2020

Enhance engagement with the dedicated app platform for membership

Leveraging the Silverbear and Cantarus membership solution stack to create a powerful, accessible and cost-effective engagement platform. Market your own branded app, available at the fraction of the cost of custom-developed alternatives and drive engagement across multiple devices.  MemConnect delivers member value while delighting users.

User-Focused, Exceptional Experience

Meet the member expectations for exceptional user experiences. Designed with your team in mind, MemConnect provides an app built entirely for your brand – uncompromised on look, feel, and features. Have a standalone, cross-platform app under your organisation’s name in both Apple and Google Play app stores.

Become Your Industry’s Knowledge Centre

Provide a one-stop-shop to access the latest industry news, blogs, and other resources and provide an outstanding user experience to enhance your brand. MemConnect automatically shows up-to-date content and can be personalised based on user preferences.

Connect your Members Effortlessly

Allow your members to easily interact via WhatsApp-style messaging directly within your app. Deliver an exceptional online community experience which enables your members to stay ahead of the latest trends, and effortlessly communicate within professional and social conversations.

Supported by the Biggest Names in Membership

The app integrates with the renowned Silverbear membership solution which allows users to register for upcoming events, which are personalised to location and personal preference.

Target the Audience that Matters

Apps offer native platform benefits that browsers can’t match. Utilise personalised push notifications and badge alerts to deliver the most relevant information to your members, and generate serious engagement. MemConnect’s built-in Surveys feature allows you to engage with members with minimal friction, and gather insights in real time. Collect valuable data from the powerful MemConnect Cloud analytics feature. 


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