Silverbear Founder Mark Travis Retires

DateNovember 2019

Silverbear founder Mark Travis announced his retirement and departed our business on Monday. 

Mark worked tirelessly over many years to build the Silverbear business and customer community we enjoy today. Mark was always passionate about membership association challenges and ensuring innovation for our customers future.

Mark in his own words:

I leave Silverbear with a talented team, strong leadership at the helm and an owner with the resources to support the company’s long-term ambitions. I therefore leave confident that Silverbear’s best and brightest times are ahead of it.

Silverbear has always been about its people and I thank you all, past and present, for the hard work you have put in “above and beyond” to build this business.

From everyone at Silverbear, we wish Mark well for a long and happy retirement in what ventures he chooses to explore.

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