Silverbear working with the Museum of London

DateFebruary 2017

The Museum of London chose Silverbear to be its CRM partner when it embarked on its journey to provide more effective CRM capability. The Museum of London hoped to generate more income from its customer base, increase engagement and gain insight on its audience of over a million people who visit each year.

One of the primary objectives for the project was to give the museum a single view of their members and visitors. Previously the data was held in various locations, making it difficult to get a concise image of a visitor. By combining data from the three different systems previously used, the Museum of London is now able to have an accurate, up-to-date, single view of their visitors. This view, combined with tried and tested integration with various third parties, has helped the Museum of London create more effective marketing campaigns, targeting the right visitors and members with the right messaging.

The project was very successful, helping the Museum of London to increase email revenue growth of 125% in 6 months and a 13% increase in email subscribers, as well as being delivered on time and met all requirements.

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