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Organisations are unlikely to employ those well-versed in transformation programmes, so be prepared with our suite of job descriptions and role profiles to help you assemble your dream team.  

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Organise the right team

Seeing through a major digital transformation project from beginning to end requires the right people, with the right skills.  Dowload the following role and job descriptions for a typical programme structure:

Project Sponsor Job Description
Your Project Sponsor will be a key senior manager on the project team who will ensure the overall success of the engagement by setting goals based on business impacts and by supporting timely decision making. They have overall accountability for the success of the project and its outcomes..


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Project Manager Job Description

Your project manager will lead the overall project implementation across all project phases. They will be responsible for managing your resources, activities, requirements, communications, and day-to-day decision-making. Your project manager is operationally responsible for the successful delivery of the project.


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Subject Matter Expert Job Description
Various members of your team will be involved in the project as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based on their particular knowledge and expertise within their business area. They will provide input to discovery, support business process reengineering, and be champions of change.




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System Administrator Job Description

Your system administrator will be closely involved in the project.  Generally, a member of your IT team (but not necessarily), this resource should have a good understanding of your existing systems and will develop a thorough understanding of Silverbear 365 and the solution design.



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