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Is Dynamics the best platform for membership organisations?

Of course, it is. Although we probably would say that, given that our membership management CRM system is built on it.

In all seriousness and subjectivity aside, searching for the best membership CRM software can be a daunting task. So, if you’re currently asking yourself ‘what is the best membership CRM system?’, or wondering ‘what association management platform should I use?’, then read on to understand how a Microsoft Dynamics 365 membership platform might best suit you and your organisation.

Dynamics 365 membership management - the statistics

According to Digital Excellence 2021/22, the latest in-depth report from Memberwise, an independent professional network that provides practical help and support to over 6,500 membership and association professionals, demand for Microsoft Dynamics 365 membership software continues to grow.

In fact, the report states that Microsoft Dynamics 365 has gained the largest market share since 2018. To illustrate this, Memberwise’s report revealed how 26 per cent of the sector uses Microsoft Dynamics and that when it comes to medium-to-large organisations, 36 per cent use the technology – up 13 per cent from the last report.

So what’s exactly behind the boom? More importantly, why is Dynamics 365 the best for membership database management? In our view, there are many reasons.

Aside from the wider benefits such as global familiarity with the Microsoft stack, which makes it easier for people to learn how to use it, and its interoperability with ubiquitous tools of the modern-day office including Outlook, Excel, and Word, our six top reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for membership CRM are as follows:

  1. Make, build, operate
  2. Digital transformation has never been easier
  3. One membership CRM system, infinite possibilities
  4. No Dynamics 365? No Power Platform
  5. Unparalleled member CRM functionality
  6. Membership organisations need to feel secure


6 Top Reasons to choose Dynamics 365 for membership CRM

The following six aspects are worth considering before investing in membership management software:

Make, build, operate
Member CRM software built on Dynamics 365 helps organisations make better decisions, build better relationships and operate more efficiently. Through Microsoft’s ability to establish data-driven insights and recommendations, users are able to improve business outcomes. Its comprehensive member view means that organisations can create more meaningful engagement. Finally, Microsoft’s unmatched ability to deliver data-driven workflows means that everyday tasks can be quickly and efficiently automated and optimised.


Digital transformation has never been easier
Regardless of where your membership organisation sits on the digital spectrum, Dynamics 365 provides the foundations from which your organisation – and its membership - can quickly and easily grow. As a cloud-based application, Dynamics 365 is continually developing in line with Microsoft’s own advancements. This means that as Dynamics 365’s functionality and capability improves, so too does your membership management platform.


One membership CRM system, infinite possibilities

Silverbear 365 provides membership organisations with the latest functionality and capability. Not only that, but you get 100 per cent support at all times. Of course, this is partly down to our team of membership CRM experts, but it’s also attributable to the fact that Silverbear’s evolution is paired with Microsoft’s continuous lifecycle support. As Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based product that is continually developing, support is continually provided.


No Dynamics 365? No Power Platform

Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate are three innovative business apps that enable simple interaction and mutual integration, which means that everyone across your organisation can quickly and easily build custom apps and analyse data for insights — regardless of their technical expertise. These three elements add enormous potential to your organisation. Without them, you’re missing out on so many opportunities.


Unparalleled member CRM functionality

It’s no secret that Microsoft is a global leader when it comes to creating flexible, customisable and innovative software. As a direct result of the Dynamics 365 platform we’ve been able to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights within Silverbear 365. Our renewal predictor, for example, uses Microsoft’s AI capability to establish which members will renew and identify those who won’t - arming you with the power to increase member renewals based on real-time intelligence. Similarly we’ve harnessed the power of Dynamics 365 and Power BI to create a view of individual members that can be broken down by multiple categories including gender, geographic location and payment frequency. Can that be easily achieved without the power of Dynamics 365? We don’t think so.


Membership organisations need to feel secure

And when it comes to security, Microsoft offers the digital equivalent of Fort Knox. Through Dynamics 365, we’ve been able to implement:

  1. Role-based security Grouping together a set of privileges and assign limitations by user profile
  2. Record-based security Easily restricting access to specific records
  3. Field-level security Easily restricting access to specific records
  4. Identity and access management Allowing you to assign and revoke privileges quickly and easily
  5. Dynamics 365 encryption Ensuring that data is protected as it travels between devices and datacentres
  6. Device agnostic usability Ensuring that users can benefit from all security measures, regardless of the device being used

Dynamics 365 member CRM benefits don't end there

If you’d like to explore more benefits, or are looking to buy a membership CRM system and feel that a membership platform built on Dynamics 365 might be for you, then contact one of our membership CRM specialists below.


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