Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report (2022/23) Launch Announced!

DateOctober 2022

Silverbear is delighted to once again sponsor MemberWise's popular Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report delivered in partnership with Price Bailey LLP. 

The report provides an overview of the finances and operational effectiveness of the largest 100 membership bodies in the UK to better understand/explore their financial and operational strength/resilience, and in turn provide emerging trends that impact the wider UK/EU Membership sector. 

This year the report uncovers mixed news in what can only be described as "a new financial landscape for the Membership Sector". Income, expenditure, and levels of employment have decreased, yet salaries and margins have increased.  In addition reserve levels are currently at an all-time low.

The official launch will be hosted at MEMX (2022) and a free online launch will take place via The MemberWise Webcast LIVE at 11 am on Tuesday 15th November. 

Register HERE for a special one-hour webcast where the author of the report, Helena Wilkinson (Charities Partner, Price Bailey LLP), MemberWise Network Chair, Richard Gott, and Jeremy Jalie, Business Development Director, Silverbear will share, discuss and contextualise these findings and consider how membership organisations can respond proactively during these challenging times.

During this webcast you can expect to hear the following learning objectives:

  • The key findings of the Influence 100 Financial Benchmarking Report
  • Analysis of emerging/key trends
  • How these findings can be used to benchmark your own organisation’s finances
  • What membership organisations can do moving forward to get their finances on track.


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