Why automation is the key to member growth

DateMarch 2023

In days gone by, the only way in which to grow your organisation was to employ more people. The more people you had, the more you could do. However, in the digital world, scale is less aligned with employees. It’s more about automation.

As a membership CRM software developer, automation is our stock-in-trade – and one of the reasons why our membership clients choose to work with us. 

If you’re reading this, then it’s likely that you’re either part of a membership organisation that’s interested in finding out the benefits of member CRM automation or part of one that is yet to make the leap into the digital world. 

Irrespective of where you are on the digital transformation continuum, here are six reasons why automation - via CRM for membership organisations - can play a critical role in building your membership and your organisation. 

1.    Organise your organisation

Membership organisations are data-heavy. Traditionally, an abundance of data equated to an abundance of admin. Not only that but in a pre-digital world, managing this level of admin would have required multiple people managing multiple files across multiple platforms – all of which was time intensive, vulnerable to errors, and exhausting! The best membership CRM platforms enable membership organisations to make those complex jobs easier to do, remove the mind-numbing (and often repetitive) tasks, and spend more time on what counts – effectively engaging with members and acquiring new ones.

2.    Promoting productivity

Sometimes less is more. But most membership organisations would probably better relate to the idea of having to do more with less. With automated membership CRM systems, doing more with less becomes less of a hardship and more of a bonus. Through Silverbear 365, for example, users can build workflows in order to turn traditionally time-intensive processes into one-click wonders. The result? You and your team can get more done.

3.    Ditch the data discord 

With Dynamics 365 membership management solutions such as Silverbear 365, ALL data relating to ALL aspects of membership management is stored in one place and accessible at the click of a button. This means that you’re able to establish actionable insights in seconds rather than hours, improve organisational outcomes and create more meaningful engagement by having a comprehensive member view.

4.    Money for nothing

Well, not exactly. But automated payments via CRM for membership organisations does mean that membership renewal feels effortless compared to manually chasing and processing payments. Why would you allocate hours of your team’s time to chasing money when your membership platform can do in minutes what your accounts team might take days – if not weeks – to achieve? 

5.    Know your members

Now, you can’t ever really know all of your members. And that’s certainly the case if you have thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – under management. However, you can quickly establish how active, or, more importantly, how passive they are. Active members are often engaged members. Those who are passive are more at risk of dropping off. Can you quickly score each member’s engagement levels by looking in paper-based folders? Absolutely not. But you can access this level of information in a matter of seconds using automated CRM for members.

6.    Give each member their own PA

Managing your own time can often be hard enough – and that’s before you’ve allocated any energy to managing that of your members. Issuing payment reminders, event launch details, and information on upcoming opportunities to gain extra CPD points absorbs vast amounts of time and energy. But through automated membership CRM systems, you’re in effect giving each of your members their own PA. Rather than having to chase, update and engage members on a daily basis, a good member CRM platform will not only know what’s relevant to each of your members, but it will automatically make them aware of it via a series of communications tools, too.

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