The Tik-Tok DIYer: A spotlight on … Daisy Reilly, Senior Support Team Member

DateMay 2022

Despite the UK’s shift towards hybrid working, I’d much rather work in the office all the time – even when there’s nobody else in.

I definitely like to be in a work environment when I’m working. And, although I probably shouldn’t admit this, it’s also because I can drink from as many mugs as I like without worrying about having to handwash them at the end of the day (I don’t have a dishwasher at home). But as a member of the senior support team, there’s always a lot that happens between the time I arrive at the office and leave for the day.

I started at Silverbear in 2018 on front-line support. As I’m quite chatty, my colleagues suggested I might be suited to marketing, so I gave it a go. I loved the role and learnt a lot, but there was something about customer services that I preferred, so I went back.

After another year I began training new starters and quickly progressed to a second line position. Whether I’m handling ticket reviews or escalating priority cases, I always learn something new every day. I think my favourite part of the job, though, is when customers enter the call with a problem but end the call happy and satisfied. You can hear it in their voice and it’s always rewarding. I’m currently in the process of becoming a product specialist, so I’ll be training the team and picking up super escalated tickets for the remainder of 2022.

My last job was in software, but it was in the financial sector. The customers at Silverbear are much more interesting – as is our product. Not only that, but my colleagues are great to work with, too. Even though the entire team is busy at all times, everyone will stop to help you. It’s a really collaborative company.

I’m a big reader, so when it’s time to go home I’ll either get stuck into a book or watch a bit of TV – although I have a new rule at the moment, which means I have to balance out trash TV with something smart. So, if I’ve watched Married at First Sight Australia, I’ll need to offset that with something like a documentary.

At the moment, it’s my home that’s keeping me busy. I recently bought a house, but it was a doer-upper so my time is often spent either watching Tik-Tok videos on how to paint or actually painting – although I’m yet to master the art of achieving no brush strokes when I paint the walls.

I’m also a big hiker, too. I’ll be heading to the Jurassic Coast with friends soon, which is timely as I need to start increasing my fitness as I inadvertently signed up to a half-marathon in September. My welcome pack hasn’t yet arrived, though. So, with a bit of luck, I’ve been missed off and will manage to get out of it.

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