Silverbear launches online customer community

DateMarch 2022

Silverbear has taken steps to further enhance the Silverbear Membership experience by launching its own customer community, which has been designed to connect all users of the UK’s leading membership CRM platform, accelerate knowledge sharing and promote best practices.

As of Thursday 24 March, all users will be able to share their experience of Silverbear Membership, exchange tips, and discuss how to leverage the system’s potential by communicating directly with those who use the system on a regular basis.

Members will be able to post questions, access relevant content and records, take part in group discussions and participate in scheduled events. The community will be hosted in Yammer, which is accessible via Teams, and all Silverbear customers have the opportunity to join.

Fiona Paton, Marketing Manager at Silverbear, comments: “This is all about providing as much access to as many resources as possible in a way that adds value to all of our users. Those who use the system day in, day out will have developed shortcuts and built up a level of knowledge that will undoubtedly be of use to those just getting to grips with the system. Rather than letting all this knowledge exist in individual silos, we want people to be able to quickly and easily share it.”

Carl Grieves, CEO at Silverbear, adds: “We’re incredibly proud to have created the UK’s leading membership management platform, and our knowledge of how it can be used to support membership organisations is unparalleled. However, we’re also aware that how it is used differs greatly from one organisation to the next. The Silverbear customer community will help those just embarking on their Silverbear journey to benefit from the learnings and experience of those who have been with us for some time, and that can only be a good thing for everyone. We look forward to building our community and growing with it.”

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