Lessons in Learning

DateFebruary 2022

Author: Susannah Patrick, Head of Training

Lessons in learning

Our head of training, Susannah Patrick, reflects on how Silverbear’s clients and our training team are preparing to make 2022 a successful year of learning, and why preparation is key to success.

Now 2022 is properly underway customers are reaching out to Silverbear’s Training and Change Request teams for bespoke training.

Requests have been extremely varied from helping onboard new membership staff to working with events teams to ensure they maximise the potential of the Silverbear events module.  Blended development training is also popular as it equips systems administrators with the tools required to customise their own Silverbear solution.

For other customers, however, a more structured and strategic training programme is appropriate, which often requires training needs analysis.  This process involves working with different teams in order to draw out the training needs and opportunities for process improvements.  Whilst this can be extremely beneficial to clients who have been using their solution for around a year, and now want to refresh and build on their existing knowledge across the entire company, it has also proved helpful after periods of restructuring or expansion.

Silverbear has recently launched group workshops, covering a variety of topics such as sales and marketing, case management, and managing data.  Group sessions are an affordable way of giving customers the chance to widen their knowledge of the Silverbear system and pick up some great hints and tips about how to use dynamics to increase profits and improve customer care. Working alongside other membership organisations is also a great way of sharing ideas and gaining insights into best practices. 

We are planning workshops throughout 2022 and available dates and booking information can be seen HERE.  We would be interested in receiving any feedback you may have regarding the type of course on offer, or ideas for new content you would like covered.  If so, then please email me at susannah.patrick@silverbear.com.

Another exciting project the training team has also been very busy creating and managing is the Silverbear Learning Management System (LMS).   This new cloud-based training platform offers a one-stop-shop for all your Dynamics training needs.

Courses are modular and include quick videos, short on-screen content, practice exercise, and surveys.   Learners can be directed towards specific learning pathways suitable for their roles, for example, an events manager would have a different pathway to a finance administrator, keeping team members focused and engaged.

We have found it is essential for our client’s management teams to have full oversight of their team member’s progress.  The LMS allows selected users to view course progression, issue reminders, and even create their own courses and modules. Learners can also see their own progress through on-screen infographics, certificates, and even leader boards.

The LMS is suitable for all Silverbear customers who are currently using the UCI version of dynamics or are due to upgrade shortly.  Please contact your account manager if you would like to arrange a demonstration and or a trial.

So, put some thought into your training plans for 2022 and ensure that your team is prepared to get the most from their digital tools.

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