Website switch for Dublin Chamber of Commerce

DateFebruary 2022

Dublin Chamber, the largest and most influential B2B networking organisation in Dublin, has now placed all of its digital infrastructure in the hands of Silverbear after it called on the membership experts to migrate its website to DNN.

Dublin Chamber had been running a two-tier website, which consisted of two main components supported by two different platforms. These included the front-end, which served as the organisation’s digital brochure, and the back-end, which dealt with events booking and management.

The absence of a single interface meant that minor changes to the site were time-consuming and cumbersome. The dual system also prevented effective Google Analytics tracking, which the organisation wanted to achieve in tandem with a series of planned Google advertising campaigns.

After reviewing its digital footprint, Dublin Chamber decided that the organisation would benefit from one easy-to-use interface that controlled every aspect of its website functionality. Having already delivered a membership CRM system for Dublin Chamber in 2020, Silverbear was commissioned to consolidate both platforms around DNN’s renowned content management system.

Kevin Rooney, Head of Marketing and Communications at Dublin Chamber, comments: “I’ve been involved in a number of projects like this over the years, and there’s always a problem at some point during the transition. With Silverbear there wasn’t a single hiccup. Not only that but the entire project was delivered well ahead of time. The team even proactively suggested and implemented a series of functions that improved our site that we didn’t even ask for. We now look forward to maximising our online presence, getting the most from our new site, and building on our relationship with Silverbear.”


Carl Grieves, Chief Executive at Silverbear, adds: “We’re delighted to help Dublin Chamber transition to a streamlined digital infrastructure that enables the organisation to be more agile when it comes to engaging with its membership. In order to benefit from the very best that the digital world has to offer, a website must be easy to use and include the latest technology in terms of functionality. Our membership CRM system coupled with the new DNN site has given Dublin Chamber just that. The organisation is now well-placed to continue developing its relationships with existing members and building its membership base.”

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