Silverbear 2021 Excellence Awards

DateDecember 2021

At Silverbear we have a fantastic team of highly skilled product and membership sector experts who focus on making our projects a professional and pleasant experience for our customers.  As a result, individuals who excel in their roles are nominated for excellence awards by their supervisors, co-workers, and senior management.

The Silverbear Excellence Awards are designed to acknowledge and express appreciation for outstanding accomplishments that do not fall entirely within the scope of normal duties but are in the nature of a major contribution reflecting credit. The meritorious service or accomplishment is so singularly outstanding that special recognition is justified. 

This year was no exception with an impressive 16 awards handed out, which also included all of the Quality Assurance Team as each team member demonstrated their hard work and dedication in support of go-lives and pro-actively working to meet the many deadlines at Silverbear.

The list of winners for Silverbear Excellence Awards 2021 are:

Marek Hill - Inspiration Award

Manisha Chulani - Mission Impossible Award 

Shaun Harvey - Innovation Award 

Andrew Murdoch - Resilience Award 

Jennifer Morrison - Cool Under Pressure Award

Mark Hutcheson - Expert Award 

Jason Bourne - Project Management Team Manager's Award 

Ronnie Barker - Support Team Manager's Award

Richard Embry - Consultancy & Training Team Manager's Award 

Mike Peach - Development Team Manager's Award

Chris Bolus - Data Migration Team Manager's Award

Lajeshwar (LJ) Limbu - QA Team Manager's Award

Ashwini Inamdar - QA Team Manager's Award

Kartik Kaushik - QA Team Manager's Award

Roshi Singh - QA Team Manager's Award 

And, last but not least Tom Norton - Individual of the Year 2021 for a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Very well done to all of our winners and from all of the team at Silverbear we look forward to providing excellence in all of our projects in the coming year.  

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