Introducing ClearDebit, Clear Simple Direct Debits

DateSeptember 2021

ClearDebit is the new combined name for Clear Direct Debit and Mosaic Software unifying the direct debit solutions offered by ClearCourse under one banner.

Clear Direct Debit and Mosaic Software were acquired by ClearCourse as part of a strategy to provide a complete payments solution that includes ClearAccept and Adelante.

Customers can rest assured of no negative impact or interruption to products or services and rather expect to enjoy these key benefits:

  • By combining the expertise of both companies customers of both brands will have a wider range of Direct Debit solutions on offer.
  • By utilising the services, software, and teams of both as they grow, customers can anticipate even better solutions.
  • All customers will continue to receive high-level, efficient support.

For more information visit ClearDebit 



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