Optimising membership body digital project success via benefit realisation webcast

DateMay 2021

Webcast Panel Discussion: 25 May @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Join Silverbear, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and the Expert Witness Institute for a MemberWise webcast about how membership organisations maximise benefit realisation through digital projects.  

Through a series of questions, the panel will discuss and debate why many digital projects fail to fully articulate the benefits and improvements they deliver. This can be overcome by developing a clear vision, monitoring and measuring outputs and outcomes, and proactively analysing benefit realisation. 

The panelists will lead a discussion built around the following four main themes with learning objectives:

  • Drivers for change 
  • Measuring benefits and the relationship with the size of company and project
  • Stakeholders, people, and quantifying benefits
  • Governance

Learning objectives:

  • Digital projects are and will remain, one of the most important ways that membership organisations can deliver step changes to their performance.
  • Many digital projects have poorly defined vision and outcomes, meaning that it’s very difficult to objectively measure their performance.
  • By failing to undertake benefit realisation activities during and after projects, many organisations find it difficult to articulate the improvements they have delivered, and therefore it is difficult to be clear whether the project has been a success or a failure.

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