From our Chief Executive’s desk

DateFebruary 2021

Author: Carl Grieves, CEO

Happy new year to all our clients and friends in the membership sector. I hope you’ve managed to have a relaxing Christmas break.

I thought I would start this year by reflecting on 2020, which entailed a well-designed and intentional period of transformation for Silverbear, but in many ways, became more transformational than any of us could have imagined at that time.

We began the year with a programme of strategic work to operationally improve our business through new platforms, team structures, and working practices. Through this, we had a clear ambition to provide continuous improvement to our customers, whether it be through our delivery processes, software development, resource management, quality, or simply in our daily customer engagements. During the course of the year, we made great strides in understanding and improving these areas and we have been delighted to see the hard work manifest itself in many ways. In particular, we’ve been supporting our clients to deliver innovative digital solutions to assist the automation of core processes for what is now millions of members, and the delivery of a number of digital solutions for COVID-ready applications and accreditations for 1000’s daily registrants. 

As we begin 2021, we have the foundations of solid operational procedures and governance to commence the year with gusto! We have twelve programmes running right now across an equal number of new and existing customers, all of whom are migrating to Silverbear 365, our latest version built on the Microsoft Dataverse platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure.

We will continue to progress our own transformation programme in 2021 with further, continuous improvement, in all areas. Personally, I am particularly excited about the value we can begin to unlock for our customers through improved engagement services, alongside our development roadmap that includes automated testing, improved platform architecture, better data analysis, and new digital payment solutions.

Thank you to all of our customers and partners for your support in 2020. I look forward to working alongside you this year in support of your own 2021 objectives.



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