Expert Witness Institute Benefit Calculations

DateAugust 2022

The Expert Witness Institute nets a 94% reduction in manual processes since adopting Silverbear

During 2020, Silverbear ran a series of webinars with our clients to feedback on their experience of working with us as their CRM partner. These sessions focused on a number of different aspects of running a successful digital transformation programme including effective project management and governance, supporting change management when adopting new technology, and the benefits of modern tools.

One of the most interesting outputs of the series was the different ways that organisations measure the impact of working with Silverbear to articulate return on investment and benefits. Our objective as a digital partner is to support our organisations to become more efficient, but simply installing new software doesn’t guarantee this, particularly if there is no proactive analysis of the impact the tools are having on organisational performance.

One of the most impactful sessions was with the Expert Witness Institute, an organisation that went live with Silverbear in the summer of 2020. EWI had found that its previous CRM system was unable to support its ambitious strategic growth plans and was limiting the way it communicated with its existing membership. The Silverbear project focused on designing a platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that would become their prime engine for organisational growth and effectively unify EWI’s CRM and CMS systems.

In presenting the impact of the new Silverbear solution, Simon Berney-Edwards, EWI’s CEO, explained that he was able to measure tangible, and significant, improvements to a number of core business processes since adopting Silverbear:

Figure 1 – Time savings on core EWI business processes following the adoption of Silverbear 365

Simon explained that he had predicted Silverbear 365 might save the organisation ~50% of time attributable to most of its administration and manual, paper-based tasks, but he had not anticipated such a significant performance improvement – a total reduction of 94% in time spent on manual tasks. He also explained that the discipline of examining this impact had really driven home what a huge impact the platform was making to him and his colleagues.

In summarising this experience, Simon explained “what you get with Silverbear is a huge breadth of experience and a thorough understanding of how membership organisations work. Our previous experience with CRM was very poor, yet Silverbear was able to not only enthuse the team and ensure that they bought into the process, but also deliver on what they promised. We're delighted with the new system and look forward to using the time we've saved to invest in the organization and its members.”

Since then EWI has implemented our sister company ClearAccept for their payments requirements.  Read our recent Interview, where Simon explains how they are now saving 50 per cent on transaction costs.

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