Silverbear sponsor a new CDP study by PARN

DateNovember 2020

Silverbear is delighted to announce that it has agreed to sponsor a new study by PARN on measuring and communicating the impact of CPD. 

The study, which will be undertaken by PARN’s team of researchers with the support of an independent steering group, will focus on the impact of CPD to both society and the professionals who undertake it. It will be delivered through a combination of surveys to consumers and professionals, and desk-based research by PARN.

For professionals, the study will examine the links between CPD and career progression, how professional bodies measure the impact of CPD for their members, and how the potential of CPD as a member benefit is communicated. It will also address why CPD is so often viewed as a ‘tick box’ exercise and how organisations can improve its perceived value. 

For society at large the study will look at the impact of CPD on perceptions of professional standards and how this impacts consumer confidence. Outcomes of the project will include resources to support professional bodies to make improvements to their CPD programmes, as well as detailed findings and data.

Speaking about supporting the initiative, Silverbear’s Chief Executive, Carl Grieves, commented: “CPD is one of the most important member benefits that associations can offer. It supports individuals to remain up to date in their area of practise, cope with the rapidly changing regulatory environment, lowers risks for practitioners and the public, and ensures that professionsals remain respected and trusted. We’re delighted to be sponsoring this research and are confident that it will be another hugely important contribution to the sector by PARN.”

Silverbear is a software company and technology consultancy working exclusively with membership-based organisations. Their flagship software, Silverbear 365, supports associations and professional bodies to manage engagement and deliver services such as CPD, accreditation, and lifelong learning to members.

More information on PARN here.


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