Membership Specialist Signs Microsoft Pledge

DateSeptember 2020

Silverbear, the UK’s CRM membership experts, has become the latest Microsoft partner to sign Microsoft’s Partner Pledge – an all-inclusive vision that aims to promote digital skills, apprenticeships, diversity, responsible and ethical artificial intelligence (AI), and sustainability.

Silverbear Membership is an integrated membership solutions platform built on Microsoft Dynamics and the only CRM provider in the UK to receive five accreditations from Microsoft.

The decision to sign the pledge further aligns Silverbear’s organisational culture and values with Microsoft. It also represents a formal commitment by the UK membership management experts, which works with 65 high-profile professional membership organisations and trade associations, to strive to implement a series of measures across the business.
These include acting as an ambassador of Microsoft UK’s Digital Skills programme, committing to at least one apprentice across one of the programmes offered through Microsoft’s Apprenticeship Learning Partners, and ensure that its growing AI offering is developed in line with Microsoft’s fair, ethical and accountable design principles.

The pledge will also see Silverbear further improve its approach to reducing and monitoring carbon emissions, and build a more diverse and inclusive workforce by ensuring that its employees, regardless of race, disability and gender, feel included.

Carl Grieves, CEO at Silverbear, comments: “Organisational success should no longer be measured and defined solely by monetary-led values. Success should be measured on a series of holistic principles that ensure progression, both organisational and individual, is achieved in a manner that’s fair, inclusive and accountable. Whilst Silverbear has always prioritised these values, by signing the Microsoft Partner Pledge we’re formally committing to delivering a global vision and a better future, the result of which will have a positive impact on our people, our customers and the membership base they serve.”

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