Why You Should Use a Membership Management Solution To Manage Your CPD Programme

DateAugust 2018

In the past, membership software wouldn’t have been the first choice for those looking for an online CPD management solution. However, with membership software solutions evolving and aligning their development with the constant changing requirements of the professional association industry, it has now become a viable option for those wishing to manage their CPD programmes online. The flexible and versatile architecture of online membership solutions now enables you to manage all aspects of your members continued professional development with ease.

Managing Your Professional Members Online

At the heart of all CPD programmes are the professional individuals that attend them. These are members from professional accredited bodies, such as law, accounting, HR, teachers, nurses, counsellors etc. Therefore the implementation of the right online member software solution will not only ensure the professional member attends the right training courses and workshops but it will also:

  • Increase their competence and skill set
  • Allow them to be competitive in the employment market
  • Show commitment to future employers
  • Show your commitment to them
  • Avoid them becoming stagnant
  • Bring a new and exciting personal and professional challenge to them

Online CPD Web Portal

To ensure your professional members capture relevant knowledge and practical benefits from your courses you need to ensure they are being managed efficiently. Having the ability to capture an individual’s personal professional development growth online will show how committed you are to the members’ continued self-development, improvement and growth.

Implementing an online membership solution with a comprehensive web portal feature will allow professional members to access their personal data from any location at any time. They would have the ability to record their own careers goals, plan activities, analyse their history, reflect on their progress and view all possible and relevant professional growth courses and workshops available to them. The professional member then has the option to simply confirm and register their attendance online based on their professional growth requirements, enabling them to develop and create their own web-based personal development plan.

Communicating with your Members

Everyone’s growth and skill set is different, so the implementation of an online membership solution must provide you with the right communication tools, ensuring you send focused and targeted communications to your professional members. Understanding what method of communication best suits them is key to their growth and development. An online membership solution will allow communication via the following channels:

  • Email
  • Post
  • SMS
  • Social networking sites and forums
  • Online and offline surveys

Through an online member solution you are able to manage your professional member’s communication preference which enables you to monitor and administer what you have communicated and by what communication method, therefore enhancing your overall business and communication strategy.

Feedback on the workshops and training courses is vital and having the ability to send surveys either online or offline will greatly enhance the continued development and improvement of your CPD courses/programme.

Online Registration Feature

Having the feature which allows your professional members to view and select relevant CPD courses is further enhanced with the implementation of an online member software solution. They can view a list of relevant workshops and the accredited points associated with each module allowing them to register for the workshop, with just one click and immediately updating the member’s activity and history.

By utilising the online membership solution’s customisable booking form you are able to amend the registration journey and capture different member information for each workshop/course. The trainer/advisor of the workshop/course will also be able to view who is attending their workshop, their skill set and any other relevant information captured during the booking process. This will ensure the trainer is able to correctly focus their development workshop

Online Reporting Services

With all this clean, current and accurate data on your professional members what are you now going to do with it? Reporting and analysis for any organisation is vital. Membership software gives you the ability to run reports based on your bespoke reporting and analysis requirements such as:

  • How many members have registered for “X” course?
  • Has the member accrued the relevant number of points to attend this workshop?

This ensures you are communicating with your members properly, managing their professional development efficiently and ensuring you are aligned with your overall business strategy.

Taking the time to select and invest in an online membership software solution will enhance your management of professional development; ensuring your members keep their skills up to date, strengthen their professional credibility, enhance their skill set and significantly increase job satisfaction.


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