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The world’s leading gardening charity, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), has appointed Silverbear to deliver a digital transformation project that will see the organisation move away from paper-based membership engagement at key events including the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival.

The initiative, which is to be phased in UK-wide throughout summer 2019, aims to improve the customer and member experience, increase security around data collection and eliminate the time associated with RHS employees manually writing out membership forms on-site at shows before manually inputting the details at RHS offices.

Now, by integrating Silverbear’s flagship product, Silverbear 365, into RHS’s front-end and enabling data collected during shows to be sent, in real time, to the organisation’s database, those wishing to become members can do so within minutes. Furthermore, those needing to renew their membership will be able to do so at the click of a button.

Silverbear was awarded the contract after a robust tender process including several CRM providers, which was finalised towards the end of 2018. The Guildford-based firm, which holds more Microsoft accreditations than any other CRM provider in the UK, is hoping to develop its role with RHS in the future as this project is one of several CRM, marketing and customer service improvements planned over the next three years.

Carl Grieves, CEO at Silverbear, adds: “At 500,000 members, the RHS has clearly established a successful membership engagement strategy. However, at that scale, effective membership management on a sustained basis becomes difficult when using non-digital methods. The team at Silverbear is delighted to be working with such a much-loved and iconic organisation and we now look forward to supporting the RHS on its journey towards becoming a truly digital organisation.”

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We chose Silverbear as a result of the great product it has developed in Silverbear 365 and because of the strong Silverbear team. We recently hit our 500,000-member milestone, so streamlining the organisation’s member management processes for the benefit of RHS and the members who support it is becoming increasingly important. Silverbear 365, developed using Microsoft Dataverse, will provide us with the platform to do this and help us move towards a fully digital environment.

Lucy Inskip

Head of CRM, RHS

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