membership management

New Members

Silverbear Membership makes dealing with new membership applications easy. From creating and processing applications via the self-service portal, to marketing to new members and tracking their progress, our solution helps you at every stage.

Member Lifecycles

Silverbear Membership automates key parts of every stage of your member’s lifecycle. Including bulk renewals, online self-service renewals, Direct Debits, multi-channel communication and workflows for membership lapses and terminations.

Leaving & Terminating

Manage membership resignations with ease. Automating the tasks and communications relating to non-renewing or cancelling members ensures that all compliant steps are taken when processing terminated memberships.

Suspend Membership

Temporarily suspend membership and trigger communication workflow to ensure compliant steps are taken to suspend membership at the appropriate level. Record all communications and notes relating to the suspended member and utilise workflow to ensure all necessary steps are taken.


Ensure web, phone and letter enquiries are recorded, tracked and assigned to the right staff member or department for resolution. Enquiries can be made via the self-service website and their progress tracked until resolution.

Member Insight

Silverbear Membership has an extensive set of built-in reports and dashboard to give you valuable insights on individual members and membership groups. Create your own dashboards and create comprehensive reports for KPIs.

Career Progression

Encourage members to progress with personal suggestions for events, books and publications. Provide self-service CPD and support members through comprehensive mentor management tools.

Membership History

Maintain a complete history of members and their interactions including all communications, event attendance and more.

Member Self Management

Via the self service web portal, members can manage all aspects of their own membership. From updating personal information and interests and communication preferences to renewing online (paying invoices online or setting up Direct Debits), all aspects of their membership can be self managed.

"Managing all aspects of your membership base has never been easier with Silverbear Membership. The solution ensures that you and your complete community are always as up-to-date and as engaged as possible."

Mark Travis,
Silverbear Executive Chairman & Founder

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