Individual & Reoccurring Giving

Take one-off donations or reoccurring direct debit gifts either through the online portal or through the back office.

Major Gifts

Create targeted Solicitation plans against key contacts or organisations, tracking the expected and realised donation amounts.

Planned Giving

Record pledged giving information and the payments received.

Legacy Giving

Track those individuals who have pledged to leave your organisation a Legacy, recording expected and realised amounts.

Soft Credits

Track those who have contributed to any given donation, recording a monetary percentage of ‘credit’ for the donation against their record.

Gift Aid

HMRC Charities Online approved Gift Aid functionality, allowing you to carry out online submissions with ease. A percentage or fixed amount of Gift Aid can be attributed for any given valid product, with the ability to claim over a user defined period, automatically selecting any historic donations that are eligible for claim. Online submissions include, excel pre-validation tools and excel based submission rejection reporting to help identify why a submission has failed HMRC processing.

"The Silverbear Membership Solution has HMRC Charities Online approved Gift Aid functionality; allowing you to effectively carry out online submissions. Manage fundraisers, donors and all related event activity with ease."

Mark Travis,
Silverbear Executive Chairman & Founder


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