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Product Management

Silverbear aims to provide a unified approach to the wide range of products, services and subscriptions offered by membership organisations. With Silverbear Membership Solution, membership organisations can easily create and manage product, training and event catalogues, add price lists and any related discounts for membership grades.


Manage individual membership eligibility to subscription products, training and events. Make products only available to those eligible, and apply prices and discounts based on membership grade.


View product, training or event availability – such as stock items or places on courses and events, including reserve lists.

Price Lists

Create and manage product, training and event catalogues, add price lists and related discounts across membership grades and types. Add relevant tax codes and rates, multiple currencies, discounts, product finance coding, specific time period availability and manage year-to-year rates with ease.


Manage individual or group discounts and apply to a membership grade or individual profile. Apply early bird discounts or special offer periods for events and courses, discount relevant member grades or employees of certain member organisations, and create group tickets.

Payment Processing

The Silverbear Solution supports the full range of payment options and processes relating to a product, training or event purchase. Transaction processing and reconciliation for all payment types is easily handled – online payment, Direct Debit, invoices, BACS, cheque, cash and standing orders. Manage refunds, part payments and credit notes, un-allocated payments and/or payment error corrections.

Invoice Publication

Create, distribute and track individual invoices once an order has been fulfilled. Control which products and/or users can pay invoices, use workflow to send invoices on order as well as receipts on payment. Members can access invoices via the self-service portal and pay online if required.

Online Payment

Allow your members and other website users to make secure online payments – for products, subscriptions and events (set up with corresponding payment methods. Silverbear Membership integrates with a selection of the most popular online payment providers. Online payments are also available for staff to process telephone payments using ‘card holder not present’ mode.

Direct Debit

Allow members and other subscribers to set up direct debit payments, for defined membership subscriptions and products. These can be annual or monthly collections and discounts or surcharges can be applied as needed. Any transactions rejected by the bank are also handled.

"Silverbear is already the best Direct Debit Management system we have seen in this sector, so we were really happy to partner with them here."

Gavin Lawrence,
Clear Direct Debit

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