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Qualifications & Exams

Silverbear Membership Solution supports qualifications and exams with a range of features, including modules and assessments, study centres, accreditation management for centres and education providers, exam booking and management, examiner and moderator management and communication and venue management for courses and exams.

Training Courses

Individual and/or reoccurring courses can be easily set up and managed. These can be courses with multiple elements, with speakers, venues and other resources managed with ease. Automatically links to CPD reports.

Career Planning

Support members with their career development, by providing application forms for the next membership level, assign courses and qualifications to individual members, and enable them to manage their own career growth via the self-service CPD portal.


CPD attendance records can be integrated into the system, with CPD administration and requirements management automatically applied. Promote your CPD elements through cross-selling and marketing of courses. Manage CPD supervision and auditing via the solution. Members can self-certify through the self-service portal by registering additional courses and activities undertaken.

Supplier Management

Manage the accreditation of new providers, supplier communications and structure courses and assign suppliers as appropriate. Set up exam schedules, assign resources including examiners and manage the marketing process, including moderation.


Create, manage and profile mentors, enabling mentees to review based on skills profile. Support members wanting to find a mentor, manage mentors within the CRM and enable email communications between mentor and mentee.

Event Management

Create and manage training and qualification events, including reporting on attendance and performance of each training and educational event.

"Silverbear Membership makes managing all aspects of education, training and CPD extremely simple - for both members and Membership Managers."

Carl Grieves,
Silverbear Managing Director

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