case management

Automatically create a case from an email

Reduce the need for manually creating cases from incoming emails and increase the efficiency of customer service agents by creating automatic case creation rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The conditions in these rules automatically convert emails to support cases.

Create and route cases automatically

By using record creation and update rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can automatically create or update system or custom records from incoming CRM activities, such as emails, social activities, or custom activities, without writing any code. Not just that, you can set up the rule to convert the incoming activity into multiple CRM records. For example, you can create a case and a lead from a single social activity.

Create and manage parent and child cases

You can manage multiple cases more efficiently if you use parent and child cases in Microsoft Dynamics 365. When you need to track a case where work needs to be done by other departments or when you need to track the same issue for multiple customers, you can open a primary case called the parent case, and then create secondary cases called child cases.

Define service level agreements (SLAs)

Define the level of service or support that your organisation agrees to offer to a member by using service level agreements (SLAs) in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Include detailed items to define metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to attain the service level. KPIs help you get a timely warning on your team's issues while providing support.

"Silverbear Membership makes it easy to create and manage cases in line with your SLAs. Automation will reduce the need for manual case creation and routing."

Chris Topping Alberta Sharp, 
Customer Success Consultant


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