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Highlighted case study: The Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum embarked on a project with Silverbear to utilise the leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM-based platform to deliver improved visitor engagement and drive membership sales.

With over five million visitors annually, the Natural History Museum has extensive membership opportunities and is now better equipped than ever, to respond to these emerging needs. One of the big narratives to the museum’s transformation is ‘The Digital Museum’. The Natural History Museum is embracing the digital revolution to make its collections and expertise more visible and accessible, whilst transforming how it engages with audiences. The launch of Silverbear Membership becomes a key component in the museum’s public strategy, working to enhance the visitor experience and strengthen the relationships with the visitors and communities it serves.

“CRM is right at the top of the museum's digital strategy. Therefore we spent a long time finding the right supplier to work with us. We needed the obvious: someone who understood our industry and had some prebuilt configured product to do a job. However we also needed genuine partnership. An organisation who could jointly share the rewards and pain of our ambitious Microsoft CRM plans. One where when the chips were down we knew we could work through problems productively and equitably. As an organisation and as individuals, Silverbear has proven to be what we needed. It has been a genuine partner in our changes which are transforming the museum and trust it will remain so for quite a few years to come." Dave Thomas, Head of ICT at Natural History Museum 

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